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Projects on

Projects on

C++ BigInt class
* C++ class BigInt that enables the user to work with arbitrary precision integers

Generating combinatorial objects
* Generating combinatorial objects: exponents, all exponents, permutations, color permutations, arrangements, combinations for any numbers and words.

Computing very large Fibonacci numbers
* A tool written in C++ to generate very large Fibonacci numbers using the primary recursive formula: F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2) n > 1; F(1) = 1, F(0) = 0.

Counter of C/C++ source lines and bytes
* A program that counts code-lines, empty-lines, comment-lines, code-fields, empty-fields, comment-fields of C/C++-sources which

C++ Stream Compatible TCP/IP Sockets
* The program implements a demo application which demonstrates using C++ stream-compatible sockets developed by Maciej Sobczak

C/C++ Program Perfometer
* The program enables to get performance of C/C++ program and separated pieces of code for any metrics (for instance: time, memory, metrics defined by user etc.). The measurement results are represented in detailed/summary reports.

n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm
* The algorithm allows any kind of weights (costs, frequencies), including non-numerical ones. The {0, 1, ..., n-1} alphabet is used to encode message. Built tree is n-ary one.The algorithm is based on a set of template classes

Turing and Post Machines: C++ Simulators
* The C++-programs simulate : Nondeterministic/Deterministic Multitape Turing & Post Machines, Universal Turing Machine, Turing Machine with faults, failures and recovery.

Tags: c++, software

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